Types of oil diffusers that you should to know

Oil diffusers can play a major role in our homes. They diffuse a pleasant scent into the air which can affect our mind, mood, and emotions. They also can help with lung problems, dust mites, mildew, and mold. There’s not much out there that can affect the mind and body in such a positive way.

A diffuser is a small device that uses diffusion to disperse essential oils. Using an essential oil diffuser will allow the aroma of the oils to fill a room or an area with the oil’s natural fragrance. Depending on the oil used, a diffuser serves as a natural and inexpensive air purifier. Aside from filling your room with scent and removing unwanted o
dors, it can effectively do away with airborne pathogens like mold and mildew, dust and dust mites, and viruses and bacteria.

There are several kinds of essential oil diffusers available, and you can even make your own. If you arejjoooooooooooooo planning to purchase one, and get to inform yourself about the common types available. In this article, you will get to explore a few of these critical device.

Reed oil diffusers

One inexpensive type of oils diffusers is reed diffusers. The reeds absorb the oil and then disperse into the air. These are often seen in bathrooms and bedrooms and work as an air freshener.

Fan Diffusers

Unlike the first two diffusers discussed above, fan diffusers don’t use heat to release the molecules in oils. Instead, they blow cold air through an absorbent pad that contains the oils. These diffusers come in many sizes, so it’s easy to use them if you have a large room.


If you are new to diffusing then this is a good place to start. Atomizers disperses oils into the air via a fine mist of evaporated water. You can use any therapeutic grade oils with this type of model, control the strength of the aroma can be done easily by adding more or less oil as needed. They can be plugged in and should be cleaned after every use


fghjhgvjgbnjhuyUnlike the other diffuser, nebulizers are more involved. They turn the oil into vapor, dispersing a more concentrated aroma into the air. They come with a mobile base and can provide a more dangerous type of therapy.

Electric Heat Diffusers

These are diffusers that use heat. However, aside from the heat, they also use a fan to disperse the aroma into the room gently. It is important to carefully choose the type of oil diffuser that is best for you. Consider the size of your room and the diffuser that you would be most comfortable with.Oil diffuser is used to appeal to your sense of smell so that everything would contribute to an overall spa experience.

Types of oil diffusers that you should to know
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