Must-have Gear for Parkour Training

Must-have Gear for Parkour Training

As far as parkour training is concerned, gears play a significant role that not always seen in the overall picture. Parkour gears are broadly classified into two categories: the things you take with you when training and the items which help with the workouts. Here are some of the must-have gear for parkour training.

Parkour Clothes

Like any other workout, you do not necessarily need a specific parkour clothing for training. You require weatherman holiding wall appropriate workout clothes. A simple t-shirt and sweat pant can work well. Some traceurs even train in jeans or shorts, but this comes down to what you prefer. Most parkour coaching organizations have their clothing, but there are some parkour clothing brands on the market from which you can choose. Some of the prominent brands include Take Flight Apparel, 3Run Clothing, and Parkour Generations Store. You can get clothing for parkour workouts from these stores.

Parkour Shoes

The right parkour shoes are vital for parkour training. Perfect parkour shoes need to be semi-flexible, have durable rubber soles, light and comfortable for training in. There are plenty of parkour shoes on the market. You can start out with cheap running shoes, and the preference will vary from one individual to another. Nike Darts and Nike Free Runs are some of the best brands when it comes to parkour, but you can choose any that you feel comfortable in.


man carrying bagParkour is the nature of training, and therefore it involves a lot of movement. Most traceurs have started carrying small backpacks during training. All you will need is a backpack that can hold your keys, phone, water bottle and wallet and extra clothing that may be used when training. The smaller the backpack, the better for you since it will not jostle around much while you are running. There are quality parkour backpacks on the market that will work well for parkour training.

The Eddie Bauer Trekker Pack is one example of a good parkour backpack. It is lightweight with a chest strap that holds it stable when running. Another brand is the Camelbak which is well made and has a bladder for water which negates the need for a water bottle. There are a lot of brands on the market, so look around and see whatever you like. To get the best backpack for parkour training you can check

There are a lot of different types of gear for parkour, however, keep in mind that the training gear does not have to be fancy.…